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Hot Shots ~ Rare Transparency Cards

Madonna, Hot Shots Trilogy ’98 Part 1 Transparency Card

During their heyday of production, Hot Shots put out several really cool film cel transparency cards, including these beauties displayed here.  These cards have become really hard to find if not rare anymore.  Be sure to check out the gallery and the shop to view more of these unique cards as well as check stock availability for possible purchasing.

Hot Shots, Bonus Babes Collection, Transparency Card #14

Hot Shots ~ Phone Cards ~ Unique Communications from D.B. Cardiff

Hot shots, D.B. Cardiff, released a series of phone cards and several additional cards that look like phone cards

Released: Various dates, various times, most in 1994 & 1995

Most editons were 4000, one card was released at a time.

These cards have become extremely hard to find and onwards to rare

By: D B Cardiff and Access International
Seven phone cards are known, with others issued that are similar in size, but make no claim to being a phone card.

Hot Shots ~ Ultra Rare Items from the Archives…

We recently added some really great and Ultra Rare D.B. Cardiff Hot Shots items to our Gallery as well as our Shop, including these beauties…

Hot Shots ’98 Trilogy Part 1 – BRANDY Transparency Card ~ Limited to 500

Hot Shots ~ Brandy’s Wet & Wild – 9 Card Set – Card 1 Autograph & Gold Seal

Hot Shots – Chronicles – Member’s Exclusive Gold Foil Card /250 ~ Monika Hajkova

Check out the GALLERY or visit the SHOP for more information, to purchase or to just see these great card more up close and personal!

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