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Image 2000 ~ Texas Bikini Team

The Texas Bikini Team is a touring group of models that travels all over the world at different public events. You can visit their Facebook page Here.

In 1995 Image 2000 put out a small series of cards and sets paying homage to the Texas Bikini Team and the beautiful girls and models that make up this great group. Here’ are a few shots from those sets. Be sure to check in with the Shop or the Gallery to view more.

HUSTLER – Anniversery Collection

Anniversery Collection
1994 HG Publications, Inc.
Produced by Active Marketing International, Inc.

A 60 card set available both in factory set and wax packs. a collection of photos celebrating the first 20 years of Hustler magazine.

A subset numbered B1-B10 was also available. These subset cards also came numbered and autographed, with 2 inserted into every box. The autographed cards also came with the word “Authentic” written in gold foil.

Subset Autographs produced;

B1 – 2000 – Christy Canyon
B2 – 2000 – Amber Lynn
B3 – 2000 – Barbara Dare
B4 – 2000 – Savannah
B5 – 3800 – Victoria Paris
B6 – 3800 – Alexis
B7 – 3800 – Shanelle
B8 – 2600 – Celeste
B9 – 4000 – Wendy
B10 – 4000 – Melissa Wolf

Unfortunately, due to her untimely death, a substitution for a signed B4 card was produced in the form of a redemption certificate good for a signed Julia Hayes B4 (replacement) card.

This series had the lowest production run of any of the HUSTLER cards. Only 5000 factory sets were made. The cards in the factory set are identical to the cards in the foil packs, except they are printed in ‘red foil’.

HUSTLER – Anniversery Collection

Promo Cards


HUSTLER – Anniversery Collection

Foil Chase Set


HUSTLER – Anniversery Collection