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FOXY CARDS ~ Vixens Promo Cards

Bringing private collectors high-quality, limited edition and unique photography presenting some of the worlds most beautiful Solo Girls and Pinup Models.

Our search for the most beautiful girls in the world have helped us partner and align ourselves with some of the biggest names, photographers and personalities in the adult entertainment industry. Our beautiful girls are hand selected to be included in our productions and archives. We strive to bring collector’s only the most stunning, captivating, erotic and sexy photos of our models worthy of passionate desire and collectible quality.

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Hot Shots ~ Series 1 ~ Premiere

Hot Shots Premiere Edition

(or Hot Shots 1) was one of the first adult card sets to receive nationwide distribution.

D.B. Cardiff Company

Released:—April, 1992

500 cases, 20 boxes to a case


1-216 Picture

216-396 Jokes

397-432 Perez Collectibles

A set of eight promotional cards were released preceeding the set, they can be identified by the very fine print legend “Promotional card” printed in one corner of the card front.   Promotional cards for this edition were only released as sets of 8 cards.

A randomly inserted hologram card of Brandy was available. Some of the Brandy holograms were signed by Brandy, many were released later through special offers.

Old stock from this release was dumped in the Chronicles edition (including extra holograms). The edition of 432 cards was supposed to be released as a full set or 100% collation to a box, that is–36 packs in a box times 12 cards to a pack would yield all 432 cards.

In fact, collation on this set was extremely poor. This set was released when sports card sets were between 500 and 700 cards, and a 432 card set was not expected to be extraordinary, despite the subject matter.

Most images were from the files of photographer J. Stephen Hicks and aliases were used for all the models, some of whom are Penthouse pets or porn stars.

Cards 357 and 358 were not numbered, the joke on one card starts with “I came home” the other starts with “A University professor”.

This set featured full frontal nudity in the “Hot Shots Photos” and “Artwork” subsets. The first 216 cards featured “less explicit, but sexy photos of some of the most beautiful women in the world.”

Originally, all of the models were given “alias” names, and some appeared under more than one name here and in other card sets. In the 1998 Premier Edition Update Subset, the real names were identified for the 216-card gallery, and are shown below.

The Marilyn Monroe card that was mentioned on the sell sheet was never produced; only one hand-made prototype exists.


Hologram Card (Included in later boxes/packs)

— Brandy (autographed)

— Brandy (not autographed)

Limited Edition Album Set (300 made)

— (Card Album)

— (9-pocket pages)

— Brandy (signed hologram)

30 (promo card)

70 (promo card)

75 (promo card)

90 (promo card)

217 (promo card)

218 (promo card)

219 (promo card)

220 (promo card)

— Brandy photograph (8″ x 10″)

— Certificate of Authenticity

Mail-In Offer

— Brandy poster

PROMO CARDS (usually different from final design of basic set)

30 Sarah Crisp [apparently identical to base card]

70 Natalie Gibbons [reddish border vs. yellow border]

75 Belinda McNeil [reddish border vs. yellow border]

90 Brandy [reddish border vs. aqua border]

217 Joke: “A man sees an Indian …” [completely different]

218 Joke: “The good news about …” [completely different]

219 Joke: “George had never seen …” [completely different]

220 Joke: “Patty came home from …” [completely different]

— (Dealer sell sheets)

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